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Mark Volker Zdunnek
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Broadcast & Production
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MarkZdunnek - ICE
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Production/Facility Company
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Cameraman - Corporate
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German, English, French
Job Title
Director, Producer and Camera Operator
Sony Equipment Owned

Sony PMW-EX3: with several additional gadgets, SXS Cards, Microphones, etc.

- Sony HDR-FX1 with several additional gadgets

- Sony GVH-D700

- Sony HDR-SR11 (for home video & special recordings; e.g. on car dashboard)

- Sony STR-KS600P

- Sony RDR-HX710

Certified in
OPMW-200 PMW15: NEX-FS700 XDCAM 422, XDCAM EX, F3, FS-100
Relevent Products or Technologies

Incomplete list of NLE known:

Macintosh/Apple and PC Graphics- & Video Editing Platforms (e.g. Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe

Creative Suite, Avid Liquid & MediaComposer/Adrenaline); Audio Editing Software (e.g. Steinberg,

Adobe) and Effects Software (e.g. After Effects, Red Giant, FXFactory).

Live Studio Broadcast Systems (e.g. DataVideo HS-2000; Thomson Grass Valley and others) standalone

or together with Live-Streaming Technology.

Incomplete list of cameras and corresponding post-production workflows known:

Studio cameras by Thomson Grass Valley, Canon and Sony. Betacam SP and DigiBeta cameras;

XDCAM-HD (e.g.: PDW-700 and PDW-350); Panasonic P2 (e.g.: AJ-HPX171, AG-HPX371, AG-HPX

500); Canon D-SLRs (e.g.: EOS 5D MARKII, 7D, 450D); Sony HDV (e.g.: HVR-Z1E, HDR-FX1); Sony

Compact/Handycam (e.g.: NEX-VG10); Canon HDV (e.g.: XHA1); Sony D-SLRs (e.g.: Alpha 580);

Panasonic D-SLRs (e.g.: Lumix GH-2) and XDCAM-EX (e.g.: PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3 und PMW-350).

Incomplete list of additional camera equipment known: Lights by Dedo Light, ARRI and many others;

audio recorders by Zoom, Marantz, SQN Electronics, Edirol, Tascam and others; tripods by Sachtler,

Manfrotto, Vinten and others; shoulder rigs / stabilizers (e.g. PAG Orbitor); steadycam system by

Glidecam; cranes by ABC products, Kessler Crane etc.

Previous Job Experiences

University of Applied Sciences [Berlin]�(3) Audiovisual Media Sciences (Doctoral Candidate); At Hochschule f�r Film und Fernsehen (HFF��Konrad Wolf� [Potsdam-Babelsberg].

Since 2008 I am holding workshops about film & media topics.

Since winter semester 2010/2011 I amᅠuniversity lecturer for filmingᅠat FH Aachen ヨ University ofᅠApplied Sciences.

Since summer semester 2011 I amᅠguest university lecturer for film financing & bachelor tutoringᅠat DEKRA Hochschule ヨ University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Since summer semester 2011 I am a project assistant to Prof. C. P�tz at the Mediadesign Hochschule�� University of Applied Sciences D�sseldorf.

I have a professional work backround as director/producer, cutter and camera operator. Someᅠexamples of my projects:

Fair documentations for�Kerling international (2011) and L�Or�al Redken (2011)�(including Livestream),

image films for�Engel & V�lkers real estates 2011 and�Swisspost international Germany�(eng./ger.), a film about the fashion event �

MD.H Catwalk 2009モ as a Berlin Fashion Week event,ᅠdocumentations/trailers about the 1., 2. and 3. トᅠHachenburger Filmfestᅠモ (all were cinematic trailers),ᅠa documentation about the トᅠNUON Lichterfest Stuttgart 2008ᅠモ, two image films and an event film forᅠtheᅠUnited Nationsᅠ(CMS & COP9 with shootings in Rome) (eng.), ca. 100 Internet presentation-clipsᅠ(eng./ger.) for the 11. and 12. ト

European Venture Market� (Continua AG) and a Concert-DVD ��35�Jahre H�hner Live in der K�lnarena � Jetzt und Hier!�� (�35 Years of H�hner Live at CologneArena� Here and Now!�). In all of the mentioned projects, I have created the artistic concept and undertaken

the task of directing as well as the camera work. In some of the mentioned projects I have also beenᅠpart of or have been responsible for the post-production process. In 2006 I have already worked forᅠCologne News Corporationᅠin the area of post-production (RTLII docu formats). Since 2007 I amᅠpartner ofᅠImago Media-Produktion. Since 2010 I am a managing partner and director with expansiveᅠdecision-making authority atᅠLifestyler.TV GmbH (Center.TV magazinesᅠ+ fair-, event- and imageᅠfilms as well as industrial films and Live-production + -streaming). Since 2011 I am also working forᅠIf you would like to contact the training departments please feel free toᅠemailᅠ call +44 (0) 1256 483489ᅠMediengasse GmbHᅠ(Mola Adebisi; N24 Motor Motion) and JPP Medien GmbHᅠand I haveᅠsometimes produced footage forᅠRTL-Magazines. Starting in November 2011 I will be working as liveproductionᅠSNG- & camera operator forᅠrt1.TV (SKY NEWS HD). I also have my own productionᅠcompanyᅠAltruistfilms.

Additional Comments

very personal motivation for being a Sony Professional Independent Certified Expert is, that this lecturing (camera training) is in perfect symbiosis with my doctoral thesis at the HFF Potsdam and my upcoming work in the field of research, education and lecturing altogether.

Area of expertise
Director, Producer, Camera Operator
Digital Motion Picture Cameras
System Cameras
Switchers and Live Systems
Professional Monitors
Professional Audio
Digital Cinema
Video Security
Archiving and Storage
Creative Software