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Nick Shipley
United Kingdom
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Nick Shipley
Job Title
Director and Cameraman
Sony Equipment Owned

Sony HVR-Z1E

Century HD-06WA-Z7U

Sony HVR-Z7E HDV Camcorder.
Sony VCL-308BWH   Wide Angle Lens.

Chrosziel 450R2-EX1KIT Matte Box

Tiffen filters (grads, polarisers, etc)

Sachtler System FSB 4 (0370) Tripod.

Vinten 100 tripod baby legs and head.

Ianiro Redhead and Gulliver lighting kits.

Sachtler report lighting kit.

Litepanels Micro On-Camera LED Light Kit

Lastolite Green and Blue screens and reflector/diffuser kit

Sony and Micron explorer radio mics

Bayer and Sennheiser cardioid, super cardioid, omni directional and personal mic kit.

SQN Mixer.

Final Cut Pro Studio 2 MacPro Edit Suite

Autocue Pro Prompter.

Relevent Products or Technologies

Familiar With (Camcorders & Editors):



Proficient in Final Cut Studio Pro, Photoshop, Sound Track Pro.

Developed knowledge of microphone and mixing technique.

Previous Job Experiences

Bristol born and bred, Nick started in the business as assistant to cinematographer John Kenway working on 35mm commercial and corporate films. In the 1970s.ᅠ By the 80s he was working in film as a freelancer on a wide range of popular factual programming for BBC, ITV Network Companies, Trans World International, NBC and National Geographic.

In 1988 Nick became an executive director of the Bristol based indie production company Independent Television West Limited (ITW) where he was a director on Channel 4メs ムThe Great British Islesメ documentary series.ᅠ His ecology film ムFor Tarkaメs Descendentsメ won a Gold IVCA.ᅠ Nick left ITW in 1992 to take up a position with News Corporation in Hong Kong.ᅠ Nick was responsible for STAR TVメs flagship technology programmes throughout the 90s and also filmed and directed ムTrade Windsメ, a flagship documentary reliving the history of the clipper trade.

In 1995 Nick left News Corp and joined the Elven Birley Partnership on the BAFTA and EMMY award winning team for the Secret Asia documentary (best investigative documentary and documentary camerawork). The film was acknowledged for its use of small format cameras in its production.ᅠ The film also gained Prix Italia, Peabody Award, UNESCO Award,ᅠ Monte Carlo Film Festival, Royal Television Society Award (U.K.), 3 Academy Award nominations (for best documentary, camera work, editing), Flaherty Documentary Award, Silver Nymph at Monte Carlo Film Festival, New York Film Festival (Silver).

In 1997 Nick was headhunted by Kevin-John McIntyre (vice president Discovery Asia) to work on ムArtifactsメ (the definitive history of Chinese Art series) and moved to Singapore.

In 1999 he moved to Dubai where he worked for Ocean World Productions LLC on the 13 part ムArabiaメs Cycle of Lifeメ series (Discovery/Middle East Broadcasting).

Returning to the UK, Nick joined the BBC as Senior Staff Cameraman where duties included mentoring and training production staff in creative techniques using small format cameras.ᅠ Nick left BBC in 2010 to resume freelance activity and the wider range of opportunities that the sector enjoys.

Nickメs experience in teaching/training includes work with the following institutions:

  • Small camera format trainer/mentor BBC Factual Programming (documentary, news and current affairs).
  • Visiting lecturer in Film and Video production (Radio, Film and Television Post Graduate Course at the Dept of Drama, Bristol University).
  • Visiting lecturer in Film and Video production (Faculty of Art, University of the West of England).
  • Visiting lecturer in Film and Video production (Bath Academy of Art).

Nick is also the producer of the SingleCameraPro training video that is used by the BBC and other institutions as a teaching aid for those who want to master creative control of small video camera formats.ᅠ The taster can be viewed at:ᅠᅠᅠᅠ
Additional Comments

Nick is a life member of the British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society.

In the corporate video sector Nick’s ‘Courage Report’ series gained a BIEA Gold Award for corporate communications.
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Director and Cameraman
Digital Motion Picture Cameras
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