Kai Daniels

Technical Consultant and Digital Imaging Technician

Previous Job Experience

Kai Daniels is a degreed engineer in media technologies (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 2009), specialising in digital cinematography since starting his diploma thesis on high definition cameras in 2008.

ᅠSince graduation he worked/works in the field of digital Film-, TV and Commercial production as Technical Consultant, Digital Imaging Technician, Camera Rental Technician and Stereoscopic Assistant

ᅠHe is known as an expert for the Sony F65 from his work at Band Pro Munich GmbH.

Trainer For

  • Archiving and Storage
  • Camcorders
  • Creative Software
  • Digital Cinema
  • Digital Motion Picture Cameras
  • Professional Audio
  • Professional Monitors
  • Switchers and Live Systems
  • System Cameras
  • Video Security

Products and Technologies

F65 including surrounding Cine Alta products and previous models F23 and F35.

ᅠAdvanced knowledge on digital cinematography workflows and many related Sony and third party products such as camera systems, recorders and postproduction systems.