Bruno Dios

Sound Engineer, Technical Support, Audiovisual Technician

Previous Job Experience

A-Level - Electronic engineering - High School Louis RASCOL (Albi-France)

Audiovisual Diploma - Sound option - Top School ACFA MULTIMEDIA (Montpellier-France)

After my studies, I became freelance technician in different companies in Franceᅠ:

- Audiovisual technician in AIRBUS VIP rooms (3 years) - Sound technician for political and military events.?- Simultaneous translation / videoconferencing technician - Use of different audio and video control rooms- Sound technician in different orchestras - Sound recording studio and live for ARMY / MILITARY RTSO ヨ Sound technician in TV studio

For Airbus, I was the audiovisual technician in VIP rooms and in charge of audiovisual control rooms with equipment like audio and video digital mixers (ANYCAST), audio mixers (YAMAHA 01V96) and microphones (wireless and wired).

In sound recording studios and TV control rooms, I used digital audio mixers (SONY DMX-R100 and DIGIDESIGN Control 24), wired microphones (NEUMANN, SCHOEPS) and wireless microphones (SENHEISER and SONY product range).

Trainer For

  • Professional Audio

Products and Technologies

-Studio and live microphones

-Wireless microphones

-Analogue and digital mixer

-Digital recorders