Freelance Videographer

Previous Job Experience

Self-taught videographer, disciple of wild landscapes, strange places and run & gun shootings, I have always felt the need to catch the hidden soul of most simplest things. Furthermore I have always liked to discover, compare and test another kind of amazing "creatures", cameras by themselves!

Versatile freelancer since 2013, I've expanded my experience and field of competence to supervising students and adults around different video projects. I also host some short-films evenings.

Now, I'm an one man crew worker, as camera operator, editor and more recently colorist. In parallel, I make many short-films, some of which have been rewarded. When the sun sets and the night comes, I continue to test, learn and share my knowledge with other professionals or enthusiasts.

Trainer For

  • Camcorders

Products and Technologies

All XDCAM stuff, especially EX1R, EX3, 200, 300, X200.

NEX FS700, PXW-FS5, FS7 I and II (with PZ-18-110 and 28-135).