Antonio Galisteo

Director of Photography

Previous Job Experience

Director, photographer and cameraman, based in Seville (Spain). He works sourronded by Sony cameras from the beginning of the nineties. He specialized himself in actor’s direction, film direction, script, lighting and operation with film cameras, among other audiovisual disciplines. After his beginnings in a local press, at only 16, he started to stand out internationally. As a cameraman he has worked in more than thirty countries, in four continents, portraying the reality of the most disadvantaged regions of the planet, and shooting tv documentaries in countries as: Sri Lanka, Senegal, Ethiopia, Palestine, Morocco, El Salvador, Bolivia, Uganda, USA, Haití and a long etc. Before becoming Sony's ICE he  developed an intense work as cameraman, dop and teacher in masterclases. Also working on international projects filming films for museums in Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc ... and for national television networks.

Trainer For

  • Camcorders

Products and Technologies

PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7, A7SII, Sony CineAlta Lenses.