Antonio Domingo Perez


Previous Job Experience

Video department manager in reflejos|digitales. After studying "Imagen y Sonido“ in Las Palmas de

Gran Canaria and graduaLng as the first of my promoLon, I compiled the studies with the work in

different video producLon companies. Years later I moved to Madrid specializing in the Official

Institute of Radio Televisión Española in covering news and documentaries with producers of

programs such as “Informe Semanal“ and other research programs.

On my return to the Canary Islands, I worked in TVE (Spanish Television), in RNE (NaLonal Radio of

Spain) and in Canarian Television covering information and covering news for this regional channel

by America, Europe and Africa.

In my career as a wedding videographer, I have been named twice as one of the 25 most influential

wedding videographers on the planet by my professional colleagues, being the only Spaniard with

this merit up to date. With weddings in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, I conLnue to develop my

work as a teacher in various international workshops of videographers of events and I have been

part of the jury in the awards ceremony of European wedding videos.

Promoter of the specialized training workshops for wedding videographers "Recvolution", I am also

the coordinator of the professional directory of the sector called "",

translated into English, Portuguese and Italian.

Awarded at the 1st NaLonal Wedding Film Festival held in Madrid in November 2013 in the

categories of best producLon, video-invitation and wedding of the year. At present, I coordinate

these awards called "REC Awards".

Trainer For

  • Camcorders

Products and Technologies

NEX-FS700EK, Sony Alpha 7s II