Adam Gordon

Broadcast Camera Operator and Supervisor

Previous Job Experience

During my career as a broadcast camera operator and supervisor for over thirty years, I have worked for mainstream television but also for a number of public sector clients, including the NHS, and corporate clients, including Whitbread, Fuji, Hewlett-Packard . The projects have often required both creative and technical input from the start and working in a range of environments. Making a client feel at ease, confident with the outcome both in terms of quality and budget are all-important aspects of my work and sit alongside the technical production requirements. My experience in working with such a broad range of customers means I am comfortable in a range of client or public facing situations and has helped me develop good customer skills. 

Outside the industry, I have written a number of product and service reviews, I dabble in writing comedy scripts and I am a fully qualified scuba diving instructor. My training has been with the Professional Association of Divers (PADI) – a world-renowned training programme for scuba diving. I have taught in both the UK and abroad and find teaching new recruits and those who want to improve their skills, very rewarding. Via PADI system of training, I have learned how the values and core methods of teaching can translate across subjects and languages.  I have also worked with many trainees and juniors in the television industry over the 38 years to improve their skills and assist them in developing their talents with equipment provided by Sony. I am proud to say many junior technicians now qualified in their own right will still refer to me for guidance over equipment recommendations.

Trainer For

  • System Cameras

Products and Technologies

HDC-4300, HDC-2000W, HDC-1500, HDC-1700, HDLA-1500, HDC-1000R, HDVLF –EL30-EL20-EL70, HDVF-EL75, HDVF-750,