Borja Pavia

Previous Job Experience

I’m a Media content creator with versatility in audio, video, lights, post-production, cinema shooting, TV advertising shooting, live concerts, etc...

I use an AS7II, A6300 4K  as the professional kit in my daily work and for some shootings PXW-FS7 (I & II) and PXW-FS5. I support audio interfaces for

Live concerts, djing turntables and music production devices. I shoot a couple of films and shortfilms, one of them awarded to the best

international shortfilm (HAMBURGO: by Sergio Álvarez)

Trainer For

  • Camcorders
  • Professional Audio

Products and Technologies

PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7 (MARK I & II), AS7-II, 6300 4K, PXW-Z150