Chris Tritschler

Director of Photography, Lighting, Camera Operator and Editor

Previous Job Experience

After leaving college in the North East in 1997, I looked at the film industry. The film industry looked back blankly. Never one to admit defeat I found refuge in a camera house in deepest, darkest Camden Town. After six months being confined to a small room prepping Sony DVW series cameras, I was finally let loose on the world as a camera trainee. I was very lucky to train with some fantastic crews on drama from ‘The Office’, ‘Eastenders’, ‘French and Saunders’, 'Spaced’ and on the odd TV commercial (16 and 35mm in those days). From 2002, as a lighting cameraman I shot idents for E4 and in contrast worked on a lot of factual TV for Discovery Networks often on a ‘one man band’ basis, as a self shooting director. More recently I’ve photographed two feature films (one of which was shown in the House of Commons) and an array of shorts covering genres from period drama to horror and a slate of commercials for major agencies. In addition to still shooting I designed and currently deliver first year degree cinematography at the Northern Film School. 

Trainer For

  • Camcorders

Products and Technologies

I have a background in lighting for digital, from Digital Betacam, HDCAM, HDSLRs and for today’s 4K cinema. This includes cameras, current monitors, lenses and work flows from acquisition to the exhibition chain.