Alex Macleod

Freelance Content Creator Editor, Camera Operator, Adobe Certified Instructor for Premiere Pro CC

Previous Job Experience

Alex's key strengths are his abilities to advise on workflows related to acquisition of content with a view to effective post production.
In the past few months Alex has worked on the following productions:
Mutv (editor)
Documentary -ᅠ 47.30 ムSporting Reds : Salford Devil:
Quiz show edit - 47.30 - ムBig United Quizメ
Documentary ヨᅠ 35.30 メSporting Reds : Anthony Crollaメ
Documentary ヨᅠ 35.30 ムPeter Schmeichel ヨ A trek though Fire & Iceメ
BBC Philharmonicᅠ (camera op)
Studio directed multicamera shoot for 2 performances of the #ム10 piecesメ
Bolton Wanderers FC:ᅠ Camera Op
Studio directed multicamera filming live games for BBC football#league show & internal promotional usage
Apple / GBM Digital (project manager, editor, camera)
GBM / Apple : Case study ムPreston Royal Medical Illstration Unit
Music / Events:ᅠ Director / Camera op / Editor
Gramotones ムCorporate Whipping Boyメ music video
Asylum City Zoo ムCircus of Soulsメ music video
Parklife festival, Heaton Park May 2015.

Trainer For

  • Camcorders

Products and Technologies

Through Alex's work as an Adobe trainer working for agencies such as Soho Editors & Academy class he has trained companies such as CNN, Viacom, Sony pictures, Channel 4 and more as to effective workflows using Sony cameras and codecs. Alex has been hired to speak on behalf of Adobe at tradeshows such as the BVE London & IBC Amsterdam on effective uses of their edit software when using various camera formats. He is working as a video editor & camera op, and in previous years he has cut 3 long form documentaries and the Big United quiz for MUTV to name but a few of the projects he has worked on. In addition he has a great deal of experience of using Sony products to a professional degree as an owner/operator of his EX1. He has worked on productions using cameras such as the FS700 and FS7 and is constantly seeking to increase his knowledge of future developments and keeping an eye on what's around the corner.