SRX-R500 Series Projector Install

This face-to-face training course covers the complete install process for a SRX-R500 series projector

Price per delegate: £750

Duration: 1 Day

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What will you learn

We will take you on a hands-on journey covering the complete SRX-R500 series projectors install process. You will learn how to install the projector and server, setting up both 2D and 3D alignments. You will get hands on experience with the different software needed to install the equipment. The course is fully structured and will run at a pace that suits you.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at engineers, either new to Digital Cinema or with some existing experience in the field. You may already have some experience with Sony projectors and wish to enhance your existing knowledge. Groups are kept as small as possible, allowing hands-on access to the projector and software.

Course contents

Hardware overview

The course starts with an overview of the various components and hardware.

This includes:-

  • Walkthrough of all the hardware components that make up the projector and server
  • How to connect , both internally and with external equipment
  • Walkthrough of the lenses both 2D and 3D

Server configuration

This section covers all the server configuration requirements that need to be conducted.

This includes:-

  • IP addresses for control and data
  • Marriage
  • 2D/3D playback mode
  • Screen to screen
  • Owner and regional settings
  • Network folder sharing
  • Automation
  • Users and roles
  • Audio routing and A/V delay
  • Configuring fire alarm settings
  • Configuring for control of audio processors: Dolby CP650, CP750 and QSC DCP300

Projector configuration

All the procedures required to align the projector and set up the image on screen.

This includes:-

  • Positioning of the projector
  • Alignment of the picture on screen for both 2D and 3D
  • Input selection
  • Colour space and signal processing
  • Zoom, focus and electric shift
  • Digital masking
  • Test patterns
  • Convergence adjustment
  • Luminance and colour correction
  • Lighting patterns

Software updates

The final part of the course shows you how to conduct various software updates using the software update tools available.

This includes: -

  • Updates on the SMS-Server
  • Updates on the media block
  • Updates on the projector
  • Firmware update tools
  • SMS-Monitor tool
Courses can be run at various locations. Courses must have a minimum number of attendees in order to run. To discuss the exact location and times available please click ‘Enquire Now’ at the top of the page.