SRX-R320 Projector Operations

This face-to-face course covers all aspects of operating an SRX-R320 projector

Price per delegate: £750

Duration: 1 Day

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What will you learn

Initially, the course reviews the Fundamentals of Digital Cinema, covering all aspects of 4K digital cinema. This can be tailored depending on experience. We will take you on a hands on journey covering the complete digital path. Including receipt, ingest, building shows, scheduling, managing shows, deleting and maintenance. The course will also look at your Cinema’s specific show needs (for engineers typical client needs) and provide you with smart effective methods of using the system. The course is fully structured and will run at a pace that suits you.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at end users or engineers, either new to Digital Cinema or with some existing experience in the field. You may already be using the SRX-R320 projector and wish to enhance your existing knowledge. Groups are kept as small as possible, allowing hands-on access to the projector and software. The course is also suitable for any customer needing to fully understand the practical workflow when displaying content with a Sony 4K digital cinema projector.

Course contents

Digital cinema fundamentals

The course starts with the fundamentals, providing a good understanding of digital cinema.

This includes:-

  • Comparison HD,2K and 4K resolutions
  • 2D and 3D lens explanation
  • The digital workflow
  • Key digital terms
  • Understanding KDM’s
  • Projector and content security
  • Understanding aspect ratios
  • Understanding DCP file naming
  • Original version and Version files
  • A basic show structure
  • DCP and CPL understanding

The projector

Initial overview of the projector that includes:-

  • External overview
  • Power down / power up
  • Log in / log out
  • Basic menus overview

Receiving and ingesting content

Covering the process for receiving then ingesting content and KDM’s onto the projector, including:-

  • Receiving content and KDM’s
  • USB, DVD and various types of drives
  • Checking available space
  • Ingesting via a USB stick
  • Ingesting movies using various drives including CRU
  • Checking progress of ingest
  • Queue several content items for ingest
  • Ingesting KDM’s
  • Understanding Validation

Building shows

Showing you the various ways of building shows and the most efficient, including:-

  • Overview
  • The “Show Playlist” (SPL) structure
  • Building an SPL
  • Creation of Sub Playlists and benefits
  • Edit Sub Playlists
  • SPL creation using Sub Playlists for cues
  • SPL edit
  • Sub Playlist for a movie with credit offset cue
  • The intermission function

Screen management system controller (SMSC)

Brief overview of this PC controlled software including:-

  • Purpose
  • Menu overview

Manage and run

The practical ways of running content, looking at issues and accessing technical areas, including:-

  • The now showing screen functions
  • Powering up the xenon lamp
  • Selecting and starting content (CPL)
  • Selecting and starting a show (SPL)
  • Starting a show (SPL) from a certain point
  • Errors and warnings
  • Manual control of automation functions
  • Control of on-board functions – Projector controls
  • Projector information
  • Test patterns
  • Filter hours re set
  • High frame rate
  • Play while ingest

Return and delete

This part of the course looks at content return and the various elements that need to be deleted and how, including:-

  • Returning content
  • When to delete
  • Content delete
  • KDM’s delete
  • SPL’s delete
  • Sub playlists delete


This part of the course looks at some of the potential operational issues and errors and how to resolve them, including:-

  • Reset after fire alarm
  • Wrong movie start correction
  • Wrong lens ratio correction
  • Media block alerts
  • Various warning lights

Maintenance and housekeeping

Covering the various tasks that can be conducted by the cinema team, including:-

  • Seeking support
  • Testing fire alarm
  • Testing audio descript / hard of hearing
  • Porthole cleaning
  • General housekeeping
  • Light brightness adjust
  • Lens cleaning
  • Filters replacement
  • Xenon lamp change
  • Lens change

Alternate Content

The final part of the course looks at how to connect and play alternate content, including:-

  • What can be used
  • The connectivity of external device/inputs
  • The operational settings that need to be made
Courses can be run at various locations. Courses must have a minimum number of attendees in order to run. To discuss the exact location and times available please click ‘Enquire Now’ at the top of the page.