XVS Series Operations

Learn how to operate and support operators working on a Sony XVS Series switcher (vision mixer)

Price per delegate: €950

Duration: 2 days

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What will you learn

In this course you will learn how to operate and support operators working on a Sony XVS Series switcher (vision mixer). This applies all variations of this switcher including XVS-6000, 7000 and 8000, and all control panel configurations. The course explains how to configure the switcher, and to identify operation problems and minor faults.

Who should attend

This course is intended for operators but could also be beneficial for support technicians. The course requires a general understanding of broadcast video switchers. Previous experience with other switchers is beneficial.

Course contents

System overview

The course starts with an overview of the switcher, including an explanation of its intended use, typical setup, limitations, etc.

XVS Series technology and architecture

This part of the course takes a look at the switcher’s general architecture, its modular configuration and the variations in layout and user configuration.

XVS Series connections

An explanation of the connections to and from an XVS-6/7/ 8000 switcher.

Signal flow

This part of the course studies signal flow through the XVS-6/7/8000.

The menus and setup

This part of the course looks at the menus. It explains how to access them, what each menu item does, and the consequences. This section also offers a basic understanding of the engineering setup for the XVS‑6/7/8000

Basic operation

This part of the course explains the basic operation of the XVS-6/7/8000 switcher. Rather than being a detailed craft session on switcher operation, this part explains:

  • Understanding common operator problems.
  • Performing a basic transition.
  • Using keys and key resizing.
  • Preview monitoring.
  • Using the DME.
  • Performing a wipe and DME wipe.
  • Using the frame memory.
  • Controlling external devices.
  • Creating simple DME timelines.
  • Creating, editing and recalling macros.
  • Using keyframes and snapshots.
  • Using timelines and master timelines.
  • Using shotboxes.
  • Colour correction.
  • Saving and recalling set ups and effects.
  • Panel set up and use of the XPT Pad.
  • 4K set up and operation.

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