XDCAM-HD422 Range User Diagnostics

Learn how to maintain Sony PDW-700 camcorder/PDW-HD1500 deck on a day-by-day basis

Price per delegate: €1,770

Duration: 3 days

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What will you learn

You will learn how to maintain, and support operators and editors, using a Sony PDW-700 camcorder, and a PDW-HD1500 deck on a day-by-day basis. You will also learn about optical disc based video and the XDCAM-HD format using the MPEG-HD422 codec. Note : This course will show you how to replace the optical mechadeck as a complete item in both the camcorder and deck, but does not show you how to perform detailed realignment of the laser or spindle motor.

Who should attend

This course is intended for maintenance engineers and technicians who want to maintain XDCAM‑HD422 equipment in good working order. Previous experience in maintaining general broadcast products and broadcast technology is expected. Previous experience in maintaining professional tape based equipment is useful.

Course contents


The course starts by explaining the reasons behind the development of high definition optical disk based broadcast quality equipment.

XDCAM-HD422 equipment technology

The course includes an explanation of the technology behind the PDW-700 camcorder and PDW-HD1500 deck.

PDW-700 camcorder operation

This part of the course explains how to set up and use a PDW-700 camcorder.

PDW-HD1500 deck operation

This part of the course explains the essential procedures for setting up and using a PDW-HD1500.

Workflow considerations

This part of the course examines the XDCAM-HD production process. It shows how differences in the way recordings are made and the editing and post‑production process.

Signal Theory

This section is devoted to the explanation of the circuitry of the camcorder and deck, and the underpinning technology.

Practical sessions

The course includes sessions on camcorder and deck alignment and service, including both electronic and mechanical operations.

Service support procedures

The final part of the course explains how to ensure that the PDW-700 and PDW-HD1500 operating conditions are maintained.

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