XDS-PD2000 XDCAM Station Operation

Learn how to set up and operate a Sony XDS-PD2000 XDCAM Station

Price per delegate: €475

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

This course will show you how to set up and operate a Sony XDS-PD2000 XDCAM Station. You will also learn how to connect the machine, navigate through the menus, operate the front panel controls, record and play back material stored on Professional disc, SxS media and the internal solid-state disk, and transfer material between the different media. You will also learn the scope of media that can be used in the deck including the various forms of Professional Disc, SxS cards, and SD, Memory Stick and XQD media through adaptors.

Who should attend

This course is intended for editors, operators and technicians who want to operate am XDS-PD2000 XDCAM Station. Previous experience in operating general broadcast products and broadcast technology is expected. Previous experience in operating professional tape based video recorders is useful.

Course contents


The course starts by explaining the reasons behind the development of a multi-media deck using solid-state hard disk, Professional Disc and SxS cards.

XDCAM Station technology

The course includes an explanation of the technology behind XDCAM Station. This short session provides essential background information that allows operators to gain the most from their XDS-PD2000.

Essential XDCAM Station operation

This part of the course explains the essential procedures for setting up and using an XDS-PD2000 XDCAM Station.

Material management on XDCAM Station

This part of the course explains how to transfer material between Professional Disc, SxS cards and the internal solid-state drive, and how to set up edits on the deck.

The XDS-PD2000 menus

Part of the course explains the extensive operator menus found in XCAM Station.

Workflow considerations

The final part of the course examines how XDCAM Station fits into an XDCAM production process. It shows how XDCAM Station act as a central media management hub in a production environment between ingest, servers editors and archive.




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