XDCAM Technology and Workflow

Learn about XDCAM family philosophy and workflow in all its different forms

Price per delegate: €350

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

On this course you will learn about XDCAM family philosophy and workflow in all its different forms, from standard definition XDCAM, to high definition XDCAM‑HD420, XDCAM-HD422 and XDCAM-EX. By the end of the course you will understand the range of XDCAM products, including drives, decks and camcorders. You will also learn about the Professional Disc and SxS Express Card formats. It will also learn how the products fit into a production scenario, how they improve programme production, how they assist in the smooth transition to a high definition, file based workflow

Who should attend

Anyone interested in understanding the XDCAM product range, Professional Disc, basic equipment operation, and workflow innovation.

Course contents

Basic principles

The course starts with a brief review of the basic principles behind XDCAM, explaining background, development history, and reasons for its introduction.

XDCAM technology innovation

This part of the course studies the various technologies used in the XDCAM family.

The XDCAM format and Professional Disc

This part of the course explains the XDCAM format, including the basic folder structure and file formats. It also includes an explanation of Professional Disc, its inspirations, heritage and variants.

XDCAM-EX technology

This part of the course explains the technology behind XDCAM-EX.

High definition principles

This part of the course covers the principles of high definition television.

The XDCAM product range

This part of the course explains the range of products of the Sony XDCAM, XDCAM-HD and XDCAM-EX system.

Editing with XDCAM

This part of the course looks at editing with XDCAM, and programme production techniques.

Workflow and systemisation

This part of the course concentrates on how XDCAM offers broadcasters the ability work in a conventional way, while also providing the ability to significantly improve the way they make programmes.

File based system architecture

This part of the courses extends the file-based process and briefly examines the elements found in a typical file-based broadcast production system.


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