High Definition Technology

Learn the essentials of high definition video, and how it alters the way the broadcast and film industries work

Price per delegate: €350

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

You will learn the essentials of high definition video, and how it will alter the way the broadcast and film industries work. The course will show you how high definition improves video image quality, and the improvements possible in audio. You will also learn how high definition production requires new skills and production criteria, and the cost implications in equipment and training.

Who should attend

This one-day course is designed for anyone working in a technical capacity in television, film, broadcast, or post-production. The course is designed to be easily accessible with a high degree of graphics and practical examples. However it is advantageous to have an engineering or technical background as technical issues are covered in some detail.

Course contents

Introduction to HD

The course starts with a review of the background to high definition television, by looking at exiting television, and how high definition will change the way professionals work and how viewers will watch.

HD in use today

This section discusses the business drivers behind the move by broadcasters and other media organisations to adopt HD.

Format Explanation & Demonstration

High definition is not a single format and HD operates in a way quite different to SD. This section looks at the different forms of HD and different modes of operation.

HD and colour

This part of the course explains how colour changes with high definitions, and the implications brought about by the difference.

Compression and transmission

This part of the course looks at video and audio compression, why it is required, how it affects quality, and how it is used in high definition production and transmission.

HD programme making

This section looks at the issues of making programmes in HD, including technical and craft issues.

HD Tape Formats

There are a number of HD Video tape formats, each with certain advantages and disadvantages. This section examines each, focusing on the more common formats.

Comparison of HD Displays

This section briefly discusses the option for HD display including:

HD in the home

This section looks at consumer issues for HD. While not directly of concern to Broadcasters it completes the picture.

Audio for HD

Many broadcasters are opting to provide surround sound as part of an HD channel. This section looks at the issues.

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