Broadcast Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of television technology and how the broadcast industry works

Price per delegate: €700

Duration: 2 days

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What will you learn

You will learn the fundamentals of television technology and how the broadcast industry works. You will also learn about video and audio signals, how they are recorded, edited, played out, and the equipment used.

Who should attend

This training is designed for anyone working in television, film, broadcast, or post-production, interested in high definition video. The session is designed to be easily accessible with a high degree of graphics and practical examples rather than complex technical explanations and mathematics.

Course contents

The history of broadcast television

The course starts with a review of television history. Concentrating on major milestones this summary shows how technology evolved, conventions were set, and existing users were catered for.

The principles of light, colour and sound

This section explains some of the basic principles of colour, light, and sound. It explains how the eye and ear work, their advantages and deficiencies and how television capitalises on them.

The basic video signal

This part of the course looks at how the basic video signal is formed, how compromises are made, and how synchronisation is achieved.

Colour video and colour video standards

Part of the course explains how colour has been added to the basic monochrome signal.

Digital audio

Part of the course looks at professional digital audio standards.

Digital video

This section explains the basic principles of digital video signals.

Video and audio compression

This section explains the essentials of compression, how they use the deficiencies of human senses to save data space while retaining quality.

The video camera

This part of the course shows how the video camera works, and how it is used.

Video and audio recorders

This part of the course looks at how video and audio signal are recorded.

Programme making

This part of the course looks at how television programmes are made and the equipment used.

High definition television

The final part of the course takes a look at the future, at how high definition television of beginning to appear and how it will impact on programme making.

4K Technology

4 times the detail of Full HD; 2K - 4K and more.

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