AWS-G500 Anycast Station Operation

Learn about Anycast Station and how it is used in live production environments

Price per delegate: €475

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

You will learn about Anycast Station and how it is used in live production environments. You will experience a complete walkthrough of the Anycast system exploring its component parts, applications and a practical demonstration of the different operating modes. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice some of the main features. This course can be extended with two further days, at additional cost, if required. A supplementary day before this course can be included to provide practical camera/camcorder operation. One additional day can also be provided after this course for further practical sessions, on-site connection and set-up assistance, and initial operation hand-holding.

Who should attend

Anyone wishing to unlock the full potential of Anycast and its application as a stand-alone production tool. Delegates should have a reasonable knowledge of video production techniques. Some previous knowledge or familiarity with computer network principles would be an advantage.

Course contents

Technology direction and trends

The course starts with an explanation of the purpose of the Anycast system, operational configurations and workflows.

Audio and video standards essentials

This session includes a brief look at some A/V standards and terminology relevant to Anycast.

Network essentials

This part of the course takes a look and computer networks, and explains in basic terms how they work and how they should be connected.

Traditional Processes

This part of the course examines the way audio and video is conventionally handled and output in the environments in which Anycast Station might be used.

Anycast Station principles

This section explores the interaction between the Anycast and other components such as cameras, PC’s projectors and flat panel displays, and explains how material moves through the Anycast Station system.

System components

This part of the course is a walkthrough of components, applications and what a typical system comprises.

Practical exercises

Exercises given to allow the delegates to practice each of the steps in the Anycast workflow.

Camera/camcorder operation (supplement)

This supplementary one day session can be included before this course to provide camera operators with practical guidelines and assistance on good camera or camcorder operation.

Practical sessions (supplement)

This supplementary on day session can be included after this course to provide further practical assistance.

Courses can be run at various locations. Courses must have a minimum number of attendees in order to run. To discuss the exact location and times available please click ‘Enquire Now’ at the top of the page.