HDC-4000 Series Camera System User Diagnostics

Learn how to operate, support and troubleshoot the HDC-4000 Series Camera System

Price per delegate: €1,180

Duration: 2 days

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What will you learn

You will learn how to operate, support and troubleshoot any HDC-4000 series 4K digital camera system, including the HDCE/RCP/MSU remote connection and control system. If required, the HDLA-1507 large lens adapter can also be covered. At the conclusion of the course you will be able to operate and align the camera system. The course will also cover signal flow and board functionality, to enable rapid fault finding to board level. This will allow faulty boards of other sub-assemblies to be identified and replaced. User Diagnostics training is intended to deal with keeping equipment running on a day-to-day basis up to the level where the support contract takes over. 

Who should attend

This course is designed for those with a good knowledge of television engineering and production processes with some knowledge or experience in cameras, wishing to support or maintain an HDC-4000 camera chain.

Course contents

Camera theory and principles

This section briefly describes the principle of CMOS sensors, and the difference between these sensors and previous CCD designs. It explains the camera’s signal processing such as gamma correction and detail addition.

4K Principles

This part of the course briefly covers the principles of 4K and Ultra HD television, including the various standards and modes supported by this camera.

An overview of the system

This part of the course describes the camera system interconnections, options and configurations. This will include the HDCE-100 adapter, the MSU/RCP remote control, and the CNA-1 camera network system and the use of Ethernet to form a camera network.

Fibre connection and HDCE operation

This camera uses a fibre ‘triax’ system. This section describes the signal flow in each direction between camera and HDCE-100. This includes audio and control signal processing.

Basic operation

This part of the course explains how to correctly operate the controls.

HDLA-1507 large lens adapter

This part of the course shows how to use an HDLA-1507 large lens adapter on an HDC-4000 series camera.

RCP operation

A brief description of menus and how they are used for both engineering adjustment and aesthetic control is covered in this section. The delegates are assumed to have some experience of Sony RCP operation, so this section can highlight 4K operation and new facilities.

MSU operation

The MSU is used to both adjust the look of the picture and configure the system. Much of the control is similar to RCP control so this section focuses on the difference in menu structure and those facilities not available from the RCP.

Camera system alignment

This part of the course covers HDC-4000 series camera system alignment, including principles and various tips.

Signal flow and board functionality

The signal flow from sensor to HDCE output is covered in detail, explaining the functions of each board to block diagram level. The focus of this section is to quickly identify a fault and replace the offending board or sub-system.

HDCE, MSU and RCP user service

This part of the course shows how the various compatible HDCE MSU and RCP units for this camera chain work, and how to perform user service on them.

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