HXC-100 Camera System Operation

Learn how to operate, set up and use Sony's HXC-100 series HD camera system

Price per delegate: €475

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

You will learn about high definition video and how to operate the HXC-100 series high definition camera system, including the HXC-100 camera and the HXCU-100 control unit with the HDCU-FP1 control panel. The course will show you how to set the camera up through the controls and menus and how to shoot effectively taking advantage of the new features the camera has to offer, like Focus Assist, VF detail, and Chromatic Aberration Compensation. While the course concentrates on the camera, you will also learn how the control unit contributes to the system.

Who should attend

This course is intended for camera operators and technicians who want to set up or operate an HXC‑100 series camera system. Previous experience in operating broadcast equipment and broadcast technology is expected. Previous experience in operating professional standard definition studio camera is useful.

Course contents

An overview of high definition

The course starts with describing the essentials of high definition video.

Camera overview

This part of the course provides an overview of the HXC-100 camera system.


This part of the course looks at the various standard accessories available for the HXC-100 camera.

Controls, connectors and indicators

This part of the course studies the camera’s external controls and indicators, and explains how to use them correctly.

The menu system

This part of the course provides an overview of the camera menus explaining the different modes of menu access, what each menu does and when it should be used.

Understanding the control room

The CA343 : HXC-100 Camera System Vision Control course offers a detailed explanation of control room operations with the HXC-100 camera system. This part of the course offers an essential understanding for camera operators of what happens at “the other end of the cable”.

Working with Digital Triax

The HXC-100 camera use a new Digital Triax system to connect to the control unit. This part of the course explains the benefits of Digital Triax, how to handle and connect it.

Shooting in HD

The final part of the course covers hints and tips regarding shooting in HD.

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