TEOS User Operations

In this F2F course, you will learn how to use a Sony TEOS system

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Duration: 1/2 day

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What will you learn

In this course you will learn how to use a Sony TEOS system. You will learn the various workflows possible with TEOS and the specific workflows that you will be using. You will learn how devices are controlled by system users. The course is designed to include a high degree of practical sessions and you will be provided with the opportunity to work on a TEOS system during the course.

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone wanted to use a Sony TEOS system

Course contents

Understanding the TEOS system

The course starts with a summary of TEOS, focusing on the system capabilities and the required components:

This includes:-

  • Using TEOS in a meeting room environment. 
  • Using TEOS in digital signage.
  • Components that make up a TEOS system.
TEOS workflows

This section will explain the various possible TEOS workflow scenarios and their capabilities.

This includes:-

  • Understanding the various scenarios.
  • Understanding user cases.
  • Identifying the system’s defined workflows.
  • Performing tasks in each workflow.
Controlling devices

This part of the course will explain the different devices that can be controlled by TEOS.

This includes:-

  • Understanding which devices TEOS can control.
  • How to control these devices.
Meeting room settings

This section will explain the settings that are configured within a meeting room environment.

This includes:-

  • Schedule type differences and how they work.
  • Device connection settings.
  • The various connection options.
Creating content

In this section, delegates will learn how to create and display content. 

This includes:-

  • Understanding how to create signage content.
  • Using MRA to create content.
  • Adding iframes.
  • Adding video and still images.
  • Adding calendars to content.
  • Adding RSS feeds.
  • Adding social media feeds.
Setting alarms

The course explains how to configure and display emergency alarms

This includes:-

  • Understanding alarms and when to use them.
  • Creating content for alarms.
  • Displaying and removing alarms from all devices.

Hands-on Practical session

During the course, delegates will be provided with an opportunity to create their own content on the TEOS system during the course.

This includes:

  • Setting up and controlling meetings.
  • Controlling different devices remotely.
  • Content creation.
  • Setting and using alarms.

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