TEOS Administration

This course will guide you through the administration of a TEOS system.

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Duration: 1/2 day

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What will you learn

This course will guide you through a complete installation of a TEOS system. This system could be for use in either meeting room environments, digital signage environments or a mixture of the two. You will start by learning what TEOS is and what is required before starting the physical installation. You will install the Windows prerequisites, SQL database and TEOS applications. You will learn about the various devices that can be controlled with TEOS and discuss possible workflows. 

This course is a mixture of theory and practical and you will build your own system as part of a small group during the training course.

Who should attend

This course is intended for system integrators and engineers looking to install a TEOS system or plan for a TEOS installation.

Basic experience in AV media systems installation is useful. 

Course contents

Understanding the TEOS system

The course starts with an explanation of TEOS, what it is, system capabilities and the required components:

This includes:-

  • TEOS capabilities, features and benefits.
  • Using TEOS in different environments. 
  • Components that make up a TEOS system.
Understanding administration

This section explains the role and tasks of a TEOS administrator.

This includes:-

  • Understanding different types of TEOS workflow.
  • What administrators are expected to do.
  • TEOS superusers vs users.

User management

This section explains how to set up new users, how to edit existing users as well as setting and modifying user permissions.

This includes:-

  • Setting up users
  • Understanding the different permission types.
  • Editing the user permissions.

Device management

This part of the course covers setting and controlling individual devices within a TEOS system.

This includes:-

  • Setting a devices static IP address.
  • Registering a device into the TEOS system.
  • Creating device groups based on type or location.
  • Remotely controlling devices or device groups. 
  • Replacing an existing TEOS device.
  • Adding new hardware.

Handling external data

This part of the course explains how to administer external data and data feeds.

This includes:-

  • Understanding and using RSS feeds.
  • Streaming material from YouTube or social media.

Connecting calendars

This part of the course covers the different calendars that can be integrated into TEOS to allow meeting room control.

This includes:-

  • Which calendars can be connected
  • Connecting a Google Calendar
  • Connecting a Microsoft Exchange Calendar
  • Connecting an Outlook Calendar


This section of the course shows the three different schedule types and alarms that can be configured on a TEOS system.

This includes:-

  • What schedules are and how they work together
  • Setting power schedules.
  • Setting action schedules.
  • Setting content schedules.
  • Setting emergency alarms.

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