Vision Exchange Systems Integrator

This one day course is for systems installers for Sony Vision Exchange

Price per delegate: €590

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

Sony Vision Exchange is an intuitive teaching and training aid with a wide variety of features for educators and professional presenters.

This course will show you how to design Vision Exchange environments, and specify equipment for the system. The course will show you how to install, setup and service and maintain the system.

Who should attend

The course is relevant to advanced education systems installers wanting to provide design and installation services for Sony Vision Exchange.

Course contents


The course starts with an explanation of learning styles, new teaching methods and technology.  It also introduces Vision Exchange and its various elements.

This includes:

  • System Features.
  • Licenses and Software.
  • Names and Parts of the Main Unit.
  • Screen Layout.
  • Turning on the Main Unit.
  • Activating Option Functions.
  • Installing Vision Exchange App on a User Device
Configuration Examples

This part of the course explains the various types of configurations available with Vision Exchange.

This includes:

  • Interactive Lecture.
  • Active Learning.
  • Video Conferencing.
  • Streaming Output.
  • Required network bandwidth for comprehensive systems. 
Installation and Setup

An important part of the course examines the installation and setup of a Sony Vision Exchange system.

This includes:

  • Preparation before installation.
  • Supplied items and optional items.
  • Required items available separately/recommended specifications.
  • Installation/Usage Precautions.
  • Installing Option Software.
  • Installing Third-party Software.
  • Installing Pod PC Software.
  • Precautions when using HDCP content.
  • Precautions when designing the audio system.
  • Precautions when building a network.
  • OS Administrator Login.

Configuration and Adjustments

This section of the course describes how to use the Vision Exchange system PEQ-C100, PEQ-C130 or PES-C10.  It describes the required steps for active learning and other tasks, how to connect a computer and other devices, and various configuration and operation procedures.

This includes:

  • Pod Sharing Function.
  • Video Conferencing Function.
  • Basic Operation.
  • Configuration.
  • Admin Function.
Before Handover to End User

This part of the course will explain the checks to carry out before handing the Vision Exchange system over to the end user.

This includes:

  • Changing the background picture/foreground movie of the home screen.
  • Changing the default password.
  • Redisplaying the End User License Agreement.
Service and Maintenance

This part of the course explains the two types of service/maintenance tasks. 

This includes:-

  • Software Updates.
  • Security.
  • Backup/Restore.
  • If an Error Occurs.
  • Connector Layout and Signals of the Main Unit.
  • List of Used Ports.
  • List of Error Codes.
  • Troubleshooting.

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