A Tour of Hive

This face-to-face course will introduce you to Hive and the essentials of a news production system

Price per delegate: €1750

Duration: 0.5 day

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What will you learn

This course will introduce you to Hive. You will learn the essentials of a news production system, the features and benefits of the Hive system and the new features introduced with Hive.

By the end of the course you will be shown what the major elements of the Hive system are and how they fit together into a complete end-to-end production system. You will learn the various job roles within each area and how material flows from one end to the other within the system to make a complete story or programme ready for transmission on air.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at all personnel working within a broadcast company, or production organisation that has recently installed Hive. This includes production and engineering personnel, as well as managers, administrators and other support personnel.

Course contents

Aims and Context of Hive

The course starts with a summary of news production and other rapid programme production workflows. It provides a background and reason for using the Sony Hive system as part of a news production environment and the context of how the Hive system fits in with other existing systems and procedures.

This includes :

  • The modern news production system.
  • Using new technologies in news production.
  • Production evolution and job role migration.
  • An overview of workflow improvements.
Hive Features and Benefits

This part of the course explains some of the improvements made with Hive.

This includes:

  • Solid tried-and-trusted workflow.
  • New from-the-ground-up core software elements.
  • Standardised modular design.
  • Standardised interface.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Enhanced ingest paths.
Job Roles within Hive

This part of the course looks at the various job roles within Hive, what each job does, and how it fits into the overall news production environment.

This includes:

  • The journalist.
  • The administrator.
  • The news crew.
  • The archivist.
Tour of the System

This part of the course explains the various elements of a typical Hive system, what each element does and what job roles fit into each element.

This includes:

  • How news stories start.
  • How news crews capture stories.
  • The ingest path from production crews to Hive.
  • The Hive servers and network system.
  • Selecting material and building stories.
  • How stories are edited together.
  • Rapid production with proxies and metadata.
  • Playout systems and how stories get to the home.
  • Other delivery channels for Hive output.
  • How the archive saves material and stories.
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