Hive Administration

Learn how to be a Hive administrator

Price per delegate: €5900

Duration: 2 days

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What will you learn

This course will show you how to administer Hive. As a Hive administrator, you will be able to look after all the Hive users including journalists, editors, freelancers, archivists, and anyone else working on the system on a day-by-day basis.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at Hive administrators. Delegates should have good prior knowledge of broadcast environments and AV production systems.

Course contents

Hive Operational Overview

The course begins with a brief reminder of the various Hive system elements.

This includes:

  • Identifying the various Hive ‘building blocks’.
  • Identifying the Hive graphics user interfaces.
  • How material flows through Hive.

Hive Features and Benefits

This part of the course explains some of the improvements made with Hive.

This includes:

  • Solid tried-and-trusted workflow.
  • New from-the-ground-up core software elements.
  • Standardised modular design.
  • Standardised interface.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Enhanced ingest and archive paths.
  • Metadata entry and search improvements.
  • Ceph object storage system.
  • HA platform and framework.

Convergent Node Architecture

This part of the course explains a major part of Hive, the Convergent Node, its inherent architecture and component parts.

This includes:-

  • Standardised modular concepts.
  • Working with nodes.
  • Node quantities and system capabilities.
  • Server and bandwidth design.
  • Node elements, function and purpose.

The Unified Content Management Concept

This part of the course explains the basic interface design introduced with Hive, the Unified Content Management interface.

This includes:

  • The Unified Content Management concept.
  • Accessing the unified desktop.
  • Interface elements and functionality.
  • User login privileges and restrictions.
  • Departmental divisions and differences.
System Start-up and Shutdown

The participant will learn how to start the system up in a controlled manner and how to shut it down again.

  • Start-up procedures.
  • Initial system checks.
  • Database checks.
  • Shutdown procedures.
Hive Administration Tasks

This part of the course summarises the various tasks that would normally be covered by a Hive administrator.

This includes:-

  • User administration.
  • Adding and deleting users from the system.
  • Handling casual users, freelancers, contractors, etc.
  • Performing searches on the system.
  • Understanding the essentials of backup and archive.
  • Solving basic hardware and connection faults.
  • Understanding basic ingest procedures and media.
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