PXW-FS5 Diagnostics

Face-to-face diagnostic course for the FS5

Price per delegate: €1180

Duration: 2 days

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What will you learn

You will learn how to maintain a Sony PXW-FS5 camcorder and keep it going on a day-to-day basis. The course will show you how to set the camcorder up for a variety of shooting scenarios, how to select and fit a lens and choose a recording format. The course will also show you the purpose and functionality of every menu item, with an explanation of the technology behind each menu. You will learn how to investigate problems and issues with the camcorder and quickly correct smaller problems, relating to user menu settings. You will also learn to identify mechanical, electrical and electronic faults and take appropriate action to bring the camcorder back to good working order in the most efficient way possible.

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone with previous experience in servicing and maintaining professional broadcast or digital cinematography cameras and camcorders, wanting to keep a PXW-FS5 camcorder going on a day-to-day basis.

Course contents

Background to the PXW-FS5

The course starts with a background to the PXW-FS5, features and benefits, and typical user scenarios for the camcorder.

This includes :-

  • The present range of Sony digi.cine, cameras.
  • Where the PXW-FS5 fits within other cameras.
  • The expected user base for the PXW-FS5.
  • Shooting scenarios for the PXW-FS5.
  • Items included in the box and other accessories.

PXW-FS5 controls, indicators & connectors

This part of the course explains the use of every control, indicator and connectors on the camcorder.

This includes :-

  • Image controls.
  • Video recording controls.
  • Audio controls.
  • Assignable controls.
  • Viewfinder controls.
  • Menu controls.
  • Power connectors.
  • Video and audio connectors.
  • Media ports.
  • Mechanical features.

Setting up a PXW-FS5 camcorder

This part of the course shows how to set the camcorder up for a day’s shooting and setting up for a particular shot.

This includes :-

  • Selecting and inserting recording media.
  • Selecting a frame rate and recording format.
  • Selecting a lens (prime or zoom).
  • Adding rods, follow focus and matte box.
  • Setting up white and black balance.
  • Initial settings before taking the first shot
  • Recording sound.
  • Dolly and hand-held shooting with the PXW-FS5.
  • Setting up wireless operation.

Working with 4K and RAW

This part of the course looks at the 4K and RAW capabilities of the PXW-FS5 and the benefits this can bring to the production process.

This includes :-

  • Technical details on the PXW-FS5 4K format.
  • Using 4K for high quality masters.
  • The challenges in shooting 4K.
  • How to record RAW on the PXW-FS5.

The PXW-FS5 menu system

This part of the course explains every menu item in the PXW-FS5 in detail.

This includes :-

  • Setting up and configuring the User Menus.
  • The Camera menus.
  • The Paint menus.
  • The Audio menus.
  • The Video menus.
  • The viewfinder menus.
  • The Timecode/User Bits menus.
  • The Recording menus.
  • The Thumbnail menus.
  • The Media Menus.
  • The File menus.
  • The System menus.

PXW-FS5 structure & signal flow

This part of the course explains how video and audio signals are processed within the PXW-FS5, thorugh the various internal components, circuit boards and connectors.

This includes :-

  • Internal structure and circuit boards.
  • Important processing devices.
  • Signal flow and processing.

Fault finding on the PXW-FS5

This part of the course outlines a pragmatic, practical and logical approach to fault finding in the PXW-FS5, for effective and efficient servicing and maintenance.

This includes :-

  • Using a systematic approach with the menus.
  • Logical fault finding through elimination.
  • Using signal slow to identify errors and faults.
  • Estimating a “time to fix” policy.

PXW-FS5 service practical

A large part of this course is devoted to a strip-down and rebuild of a PXW-FS5 to User Service level. The major parts of the camcorder will be identified, and any routine or common service procedures explained in detail.

This includes :-

  • Removing extraneous items from the PXW-FS5.
  • Identifying important components.
  • Removing key parts from the camcorder.
  • Principles of assembly
  • Initial start-up and operational checks.
  • Factory resets.
  • Installing new firmware and updates.

Provided with the course

All documents, manuals and presentation material are provided in electronic form. Operation Manuals and any special service documentation used during the course are provided in printed form. All material is provided specifically for delegates’ own personal use only.

Courses can be run at various locations. Courses must have a minimum number of attendees in order to run. To discuss the exact location and times available please click ‘Enquire Now’ at the top of the page.