PXW-FS5 Operation

Face-to-face training course on FS5 Operations

Price per delegate: €475

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

This course will show you how to set up and operate a Sony PXW-FS5 camcorder. You will learn the purpose of every control, indicator and menu item in the camcorder. You will also learn about XDCAM and XAVC recording and how the camcorder can be used in a variety of shooting scenarios.

Who should attend

This course is intended for operators and technicians who want to operate a PXW-FS5 camcorder. Previous experience in operating other video camcorders is expected. A basic knowledge of video or digital cinematography is also expected.

Course contents


The course starts by explaining the reasons behind the development of the PXW-FS5 camcorder

This includes:-

  • The changing face of video acquisition.
  • Content for broadcast, videography and digi. cine.
  • Advantages of file based acquisition.
  • Advantages of using consistent metadata.
  • Making the transition to file based workflow.

XDCAM and XAVC camcorder technology

The course includes an explanation of the technology behind the camcorder. This short session provides essential background information that allows operators to gain the most from a PXW-FS5.

This includes:-

  • The PXW-FS5 lens mount, and sensor.
  • Signal processing in the PXW-FS5.
  • High definition and 4K recording and formats.
  • XAVC and MPEG-2 recording on the PXW-FS5.
  • Recorded file and folder structures.

External features, controls & indicators

This part of the course explains the purpose of every feature, control and indicator on the PXW-FS5.

This includes:-

  • PXW-FS5 modular construction.
  • The Alpha E lens mount.
  • The battery connection and other power connectors.
  • Video and audio inputs and outputs.
  • Gain and white balance controls.
  • Shutter and variable ND filter controls.
  • Colour temperature control.
  • Audio controls.
  • Record and playback controls.
  • Viewfinder and viewfinder controls.
  • Thumbnail and menu controls.
  • Media slots and controls.
  • Information screen details.

The PXW-FS5 menu system

This part of the course explains the menu system in the PXW-FS5 and the purpose of every menu item in the camcorder.

This includes:-

  • Using the User menus.
  • Setup menu items including video format settings.
  • Configuring the look with the Paint menus.
  • Saving Scene files and backing up to SD media.
  • Reviewing clips with the Thumbnail menus.
  • Advanced operation with the Maintenance menus.
  • Configuring the camcorder with the File menus.
  • Setting up the assignable switches.

Setting up a PXW-FS5 camcorder

This part of the course explains how to set up the camcorder for shooting.

This includes:-

  • Controls, indicators and features.
  • Fitting batteries and battery life comparisons.
  • Initial adjustment for white and black balance.
  • Initial gain and filter settings.
  • Selecting extended dynamic range functions.
  • Selecting extended colour space settings.
  • Basic recording techniques.
  • Scene selection and playback.
  • Setting up viewfinder zebra and detail.

Handling the camcorder

This part of the course gives practical instruction on how to handle the PXW-FS5.

This includes:-

  • Handling and balancing considerations.
  • Basic recording and playback techniques.
  • High frame rate recording on the PXW-FS5.
  • Recording and handling audio.
  • Instant review and instant shot deletion.
PXW-FS5 advanced setup and build

This part of the course explains how to set up and use the PXW-FS5 in more advanced scenarios using a variety of standard and third-party accessories.

This includes:-

  • Using Alpha E mount and A mount lenses.
  • Using third party lenses through adaptors
  • Using full frame lenses on a Super 35mm camcorder.
  • PXW-FS5 as a journalist or videographers camera.
  • Using the PXW-FS5 for digital cinematography.
  • Drone set up and recording techniques.
  • Fitting wired and wireless audio products.
  • Recording RAW on the PXW-FS5.
Workflow considerations with the PXW-FS5

The final part of the course examines how the camcorder can contribute effectively to several production scenarios. This includes conventional shooting for drama, nature recordings, sport, etc., as well as contemporary workflows for rapid news production using wireless workflow solutions.

This includes:-

  • A typical workflow using XDCAM-HD or XAVC.
  • Using mobile devices with the PXW-FS5.
  • Metadata considerations with the PXW-FS5.
  • Recording proxy material.
  • Transferring high-res and proxy material to the cloud.
  • XAVC and RAW material in a grading workflow.
  • Using LUTs in the PXW-FS5.
Provided with the course

A set of notes and brochures are provided for use during the course, and to keep afterwards. Manuals relevant to the course are also provided for use during the course and to keep afterwards. A full set of manuals is available for use during the course. A CD-ROM of all manuals, documents, and other files is also provided for each delegate.

Courses can be run at various locations. Courses must have a minimum number of attendees in order to run. To discuss the exact location and times available please click ‘Enquire Now’ at the top of the page.