SRX-R515DS Projector Install

This course covers the complete SRX-R515DS projectors install process

Price per delegate: £750

Duration: 1 day

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What will you learn

We will take you on a ‘hands-on’ journey covering the complete SRX-R515DS projectors install process. You will learn how to install the dual projector system both 2D and 3D, you will also get hands on experience with the different software needed to operate and install the equipment. The course is fully structured and will run at a pace that suits you.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at engineers, who are already experienced in the install of the solo R500 series projectors. Groups are kept as small as possible, allowing hands-on access to the projector and software.

Course contents

Introduction to DS System:

  • DS system overview and specification
  • System architecture
  • Difference between SRX-R515P and R515 (single unit)
  • Restriction of installation
  • Firmware update for DS mode + future features
  • Network configuration
  • GUI for DS mode
  • LKRA-010 “joining kit” background and installation
  • LKRA-011 Sony 3D filter kit installation

Projector Configuration:

  • Firmware update – conversion to DS
  • Installing joining kit
  • Positioning both projectors
  • Mechanical image alignment of both projectors
  • Electronic image alignment (manual)
  • 3D filters installation and set up

LKRA-PCAB1 Auto convergence alignment tool:

  • Operation summary
  • Alignment DCP’s
  • Initial positioning and set up
  • Various calibration modes
  • Running calibration 
  • Checking and saving results
  • Taking a PCAB log

Operational Considerations:

  • Main and Sub option
  • Display windows common and specific to main or sub
  • Dual action of Function apply / Douser / Lamp functions / Power Down
  • Extended black for function Flat to Scope
  • Running auto convergence check

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